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Who We Work With?

You are an Exceptional Personal Trainer, Fitness, Exercise or Movement Professional, Sports or Performance Coach, Physical or Sports Therapist with an extremely enquiring mind, driven to learn as much as you can about YOUR clients, how their bodies are actually stacked-up and how they are working.

You are experienced enough to have realised that there are gaps in your knowledge, that sometimes things you try that you have done 100’s or 1000’s of times before do not always work. You want to understand why this is, what to do when it happens and keep up-to-date to help your clients in a much bigger way by:

  • Learning to IDENTIFY CRUCIAL SIGNS that can tell you what is going on inside your clients and why
  • Learning what these CRUCIAL SIGNS are telling you, in different client situations
  • Learning how to apply ADVANCED exercise reasoning skills to apply with your clients
  • Learning WHY CERTAIN EXERCISES MIGHT NOT BE RIGHT for certain clients
  • Learning when and how to CHANGE EXERCISE STRATEGY with confidence

You will typically be working with, or aspiring to work with, clients who wish to improve their technique and performance or who have persistent tightness or mobility issues and/or have recurring pain or injury, who have come to YOU to help them achieve their objectives and goals more successfully, more effectively and more safely.

Sorry, but we are not interested in working with people simply looking for the next level of qualification in their chosen discipline, a certificate in the latest exercise fad or in the newest piece of equipment, or doing CPD just for CPD’s sake!

Why We Do This?

We believe in making sure THE most up-to-date Exercise Performance, Injury Root Cause and Prevention Information, Knowledge and Skills is made available to everyone working in personal training, fitness, exercise, sports coaching or manual therapy.

My mission is to get the word out there that PT’s and other fitness, exercise and movement professionals are CENTRAL and CRUCIAL to solving the epidemic of back pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain (and loads of others) by being able to identify WHERE clients have a predisposition to these chronic issues (even though they have no apparent symptoms TODAY) and intervene months or even years ahead of the problem happening!

The WIN-WIN-WIN is that not only are they reducing the risk of future life-affecting injury BUT ALSO improving exercise performance TODAY.

As a result, our clients:

  • Understand their clients bodies in much greater detail that they did before
  • Can pre-empt tightness, mobility and injury issues before they happen
  • Can determine why persistent tightness, mobility and injury issues are occurring
  • Can improve their clients’ exercise, movement or sporting performance
  • Can prescribe exercises that are tailored to the individual so they succeed better, more effectively and more safely.

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What Makes Us Different?

It is very easy to become enmeshed in what we are used to when dealing with complex, frustrating problems. Our unique Coaching approach means that we are on hand to help you solve such issues by guiding you in the right direction and explaining how and why your new knowledge and skills can be applied in different situations.

One crucial dimension that our unique Coaching approach brings, that traditional public group training does not, is a keen awareness that your clients and the way you work are unique.

There are few times when you have someone available to you to focus just on you and your clients, looking at specific challenges that you and they are facing, helping to turn you into an exceptional Problem Solving professional.

Too many times you go on a training course for a new skill or about a new piece of equipment, you get great new knowledge, a training manual and loads of your own notes and THEN you get back to your “day job”. It’s often really difficult to take the time to truly work out how to integrate your new knowledge and skills into your daily routines and with your clients.

We work WITH you to ensure you fully understand your new knowledge, skills and tools AND then we work ALONGSIDE you to help you APPLY your new knowledge, skills and tools with specific clients.

Our goal is to make you totally self-sufficient in pioneering new knowledge, skills and tools, but we are also around to help you when you get stuck or you come across a new situation.

We help you stand out from other professionals as a Better Problem Solving Professional helping you to make more money by offering you and your valuable clients new solutions to common problems that no other professional in your area is likely to know about!

We always strive to be genuine, honest and always open to new ideas. We don’t prescribe, preach or dictate; We stay modality neutral and simply present new concepts, ideas, tools and techniques based on the latest science and then engage with you to help you embed these new ideas within the work that you do on a day-to-day basis, because everybody is different and everybody works differently and with different clients.

If this is your style of learning and development then get in touch!  If not, no drama!

Making the decision to work with Unity Body MOT could be the smartest decision you have ever made!