Unity Body MOT – Introduction & Philosophy

A very warm welcome to what drives, excites and inspires us to help amazing fitpro’s!

If you have arrived here, hopefully you are interested in the philosophy underpinning what we do and who we loving helping, so this introduction will hopefully fill in some of the blanks, because I know you will have loads of questions.

I made the decision to leave a corporate career and stop trying to be someone I wasn’t – that’s crucial. Because I am a strong believer in making sure that what you do IS you, but to start with, I didn’t really understand what this actually meant!

I have always been a Consultant, Coach and Mentor, even in my corporate career, but it wasn’t until my own amazing business mentor really opened my eyes to this truism, that I finally started to understand what “making sure what you do IS you” actually means.

So, to start with, when people asked me what I did, I said something along the lines of

I am a Clinical Soft Tissue Therapist, Specialist Biomechanics Coach and Independent Health & Wellness Coach & Consultant, fully trained in specialist and advanced tissue mechanics and clinical therapy disciplines.

And I hear this from pretty well everyone I ask the same question of. So, people will typically reply “I am a Personal Trainer” or “I am a Pilates Teacher” or “I am a Sports Massage Therapist“.

But what is this reply (or similar) telling a potential client about what you can ACTUALLY do for THEM!

Clients buy solutions not qualifications. Let me give you an example. You are a Personal Trainer where there is a Level 3 and a Level 4 (and probably more). How many clients have asked you what level PT you have? Exactly the same applies to Clinical Sports Massage Therapy where there is Level 3, 4, 5 & now 6!

Qualifications and professional labels are pretty meaningless in reality. Yes of course you need a base-level qualification in order to get the fundamental skills to practice and get insurance, but beyond this, the qualification and label is actually NOT YOU or WHAT YOU DO.

So, let me re-phrase my answer to the following:

I am a Coach & Mentor, helping Personal Trainers, Fitness, Exercise & Movement Professionals, Manual Therapists and Sports & Performance Coaches THINK DIFFERENTLY, ELEVATING THEM TO NEW HEIGHTS and EXPANDING THEIR COMFORT ZONE by:

  • TRANSFORMING their understanding of what it is they are ACTUALLY capable of, WHO they can help and WHY, and
  • POSITIONING them, rightfully, as HEALTH SYSTEM LEADERS, by providing them with the understanding, knowledge and tools to solve much deeper problems for both themselves AND their clients.


Enabling them to embrace change and drive opportunity simply by giving them and their clients MORE CHOICES.

I therefore CHOOSE to work with exceptional, forward-thinking and open-minded Problem Solving Professionals who want AN EDGE to really STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD and CHARGE MORE MONEY, by solving really frustrating challenges for themselves AND their clients, that other Professionals have been unable to solve!“.

And, if you are struggling with issues of your own (and believe me when I say very many Fitpro’s do!) that you BELIEVE you don’t have the time to sort out because you are far too busy running classes or training sessions, what is more powerful in helping to get better results for your CLIENTS than being able to quickly and effectively help YOURSELF and your own niggles, pains and injuries at the same time!

So, have a think … what is it YOU do for YOUR clients?  What is The Solution you provide. And, WHO do you provide this solution TO!

Over the last 6 – 7 years I have specifically sought out the most up-to-date training and thought-leadership in the country and am honoured to be associated with some of the most eminent practitioners and researchers in the world, who are right at the forefront of both exercise performance and injury research.

Some of these people who have shaped and informed my work include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Dr. Stuart McGill (Professor of Spine Biomechanics),
  • Shirley A Sahrmann PT PhD FAPTA,
  • Diane Lee PT FCAMT CGIMS,
  • David Butler & Michael Shacklock (practitioners, researchers, authors and industry leaders in the field of Clinical Neurodynamics),
  • Martin Haines (Chartered Physiotherapist, International Lecturer and Trainer in Intrinsic Biomechanics), and
  • Jo Abbott (Biomechanist, Clinical Anatomist, Researcher, Lecturer and Trainer).

Martin & Jo are my current professional mentors, and without them, I simply would not be doing what I love, today. I owe them a massive debt of gratitude.

So, going a little deeper: I work in a field called “tissue mechanics” and I coach PT’s and other fitness, exercise and movement professionals as well as sports coaches and manual therapists to be able to “think differently” by looking beyond their training, and looking beyond what they can SEE (because our eyes can deceive us), for what we now understand are the key signs and reasons for reduce exercise performance, frustrating mobility challenges (such as persistent tightness or muscles persistently not working as they should) and also predisposition to injury.

Let me give you a very quick example. When you make a decision to stretch a persistently tight muscle, how do you know what you are stretching and how do you know whether what you are stretching should be being stretched?

Pick up on some crucial signs, understand what these signs mean, and intervene (just through applying some new exercise ideas and models) to solve them and you can significantly improve exercise success and performance in your clients, solving really frustrating challenges that they have potentially lived with for years.

And, if you are qualified to work with people suffering from frustrating and persistent musculoskeletal pain or who are, or keep getting, injured, how to determine the most likely / probable root cause of this and intervene to really help, allowing you to effectively work alongside other Professionals in this field.

My mission is to get the word out there that PT’s and other fitness, exercise and movement professionals are CENTRAL and CRUCIAL to solving the epidemic of back pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain (and loads of others) by being able to identify WHERE clients have a pre-disposition to these chronic issues (even though they have no apparent symptoms TODAY) and intervene months or even years ahead of the problem happening!

The WIN-WIN is that not only are they reducing the risk of future life-affecting injury BUT ALSO improving exercise performance TODAY.

With all the love in the world, if you are a Fitpro who is simply looking for the next level of qualification in your chosen discipline, or you enjoy collecting certificates in the latest exercise fad or in the newest piece of equipment, or you are doing CPD just for CPD’s sake, or you believe that your discipline is the answer to everything, then we are not going to work well together!

I am a MASSIVE advocate of cross-displine learning and a truly integrated approach to solving client fitness, exercise, movement, pain and injury challenges.

No single discipline (or modality) has all the answers, indeed, many clients NEED something from many different disciplines to solve their problem(s), so a cross-discipline approach to learning & interaction, along with breaking down these long-held “barriers” or “stove-pipes” for our clients, is vital.

And this starts with you really understanding yourself, your clients, the problems THEY have and the solutions YOU provide to them, very well indeed.

And not only this, you have to KEEP learning and understanding about yourself, your clients, the problems THEY have and the solutions YOU provide to them – it is a continual process.

And this is what Continual Professional Development (CPD) is all about.

So, if what I have said here really resonates with you and the way YOU work (or would LIKE to work) with your clients, then I would love to hear form you.

Too many times you go on a training course for a new skill or to learn about a new piece of equipment, you get great new knowledge, a training manual and loads of your own notes and THEN you get back to your “day job”. It’s often really difficult to take the time to truly work out how to integrate your new knowledge and skills into your daily routines and with your clients.

Uniquely, we work WITH you to ensure you fully understand your new knowledge, skills and tools AND then we work ALONGSIDE you to help you APPLY your new knowledge, skills and tools with specific clients.

We actually actively encourage you to include clients in your learning sessions, as there really is no better way to learn and embed new skills, than to apply them to real life situations and problems.

Our goal is to make you totally self-sufficient in pioneering new knowledge, skills and tools, but we are also around to help you when you get stuck or you come across a new situation.

We help you stand out from other professionals as a Better Problem Solving Professional helping you to make more money by offering you and your valuable clients new solutions to common problems that no other professional in your area is likely to know about!

We always strive to be genuine, honest and always open to new ideas. We don’t prescribe, preach or dictate; We stay modality neutral and simply present new concepts, ideas, tools and techniques based on the latest science and then engage with you to help you embed these new ideas within the work that you do on a day-to-day basis, because everybody is different and everybody works differently and with different clients.

If this is your style of learning and development, and you would like to explore it further with us, then get in touch!  If not, no drama!


I do not run public courses because I uniquely structure my work around YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR CLIENTS, and you cannot do this in a “generic public” training format:

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I very much hope you enjoy the blog. If what I have said resonates with you, then please do get in touch by filling in your details in the fields at the top-right-hand-side of this page or follow the links above to find out some more about our pioneering solutions.

All the best


Head Coach @ Unity Body MOT

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